"The Autopsy"
Author: Dingbatt
Email: dingbatt@mailcity.com
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: I don't own these characters, some one else does and if
you're reading this it probably isn't you.
Classification: S, A, UST
Summary: Just another day in the autopsy room.
Comments: Come on - write. If you flame me, maybe I'll stop writing
this stuff, which just might make the world a better place.

"I'm going to go do an autopsy." She stared at her partner who remained
completely absorbed in his work. He looked sho cute
sitting there in his glasses reading the eyewitness reports that he
came across. He's off limits she told herself. It was hard enough being
woman in the bureau - an office affair was out of the question. [Just
leave him alone] she told herself.
"Mulder" No response. "It kinda hot in here so I'm going to strip
naked okay?"
"Tell them I'll call them back." He said without looking up.
She shrugged, turned, and left just missing the smile that rose to his lips.
Sometimes she just didn't know about him.
The autopsy was particularly awful. Somehow the body had been misplaced
and took over and hour to find. By the time she was ready to begin her
stomach hit empty.
This is going to be a long day. Slicing and dicing dead people only held
so much appeal after all. Suddenly she realized that she was not alone.
She could smell Mulder though she hadn't heard him come in.
Without waring he began to placing small gentle kisses on he neck.
"Mulder, uh, what are you doing? Mulder! Someone could walk in here any minute.
"Don't care" he muttered.
"We could lose aour jobs."
"Don't care" he mutterd.
"Mulder." But she couldn't resist any longer. He had a way of touching her
that made her lose all control.
"Mulder." she moaned softly, and then again a little louder. Before
she knew it she was calling out his name very loudly.

She felt a hand on her shoulder. "Scully?"
She popped her eyes open and bolted up inher chair.

"Did you call to me" he asked . His face wore an expression of amused concern.
"No, um, pretty sure that I didn't. You must be hearing things."
Somehow she managed to look him in the eye. He was wearing that I'll-let-
you-pretend-you-believe-what-you're-saying look in his eyes.
[Kill me now] she thought.

As he headed back across the room he said,
"Bye the way, the AD called. He has an autopsy he would like you to do."

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