Stopping By
Author: Dingbatt
Rating: Strong G
Category: V, A
Spoilers: None
Disclaimer: The X-Files and all of its many characters do not belong
to me. They belong to Chris Carter, 1013 Productions, and the network
that brought you a movie on killer ants (Fox).
Summary: Mulder pays Scully an unexpected visit.
Note: This is my first piece so please send comments my way.
Having said that. On with the show.

He knocked. First lightly, then again a little harder. No answer.
After another set of knocks he let himself in. And there she was -
sprawled out on the end of the sofa. Lying peacefully on her back
still dressed in her work clothes. He quietly moved over to the
sleeping figure. Watching her as she slept he couldn"t think of anything
that he'd ever seen to compare with her beauty. Her soft, fire-red
hair. Her smooth, silky skin. And those seductive, pink lips.

He carefully balanced himself on the edge of the couch to get a closer
look. He was afraid to touch her but the urge overpowered him. He
gently touched her soft hair. It seemed to melt beneath his fingers.
He proceeded to lightly trace her face with his fingertips. Then he
looked at her lips. He knew that kissing her was always forbidden,
but tonight he could not resist the temptation. He leaned in slowly,
careful not to vibrate the couch. She remained listless, resting
peaceful. And then

And then the phone rang.
She opened her eyes at the sound of the phone to find Mulder staring
back at her. But it was only a brief moment before he jumped back
and fell off the couch. Stumbling to compose himself he quickly
reached out and handed her the phone. He pointed to the autopsy
reports that he had brought over which were lying on the coffee table
and quickly made his way out.

"Hi mom. Yeah I'm here. The weirdest thing just happened."

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